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Good day! I work at McDonald's in Germany, Mavista company offered me a very good job) I liked working with managers who were responsible for various issues/problems😊. I mainly had contact with the manager Anastasia, a very polite and responsive person who helped with various issues, and I had a lot of them 😁 It took a little longer with the documents, but that's because everything had to be official, which I also like. We found a good carrier who helped with the luggage and really cared about the comfort of the passengers. Therefore, I am satisfied with the trip to Germany!
2024-04-30 11:12:35
I am currently working in a hotel in Nyheim. I like work, I work at breakfasts. My duties include preparing breakfast, beautifully serving the buffet, serving guests during breakfast and cleaning everything up after it's over. My salary became -1300€. The accommodation is excellent, as it is a hotel room. Food is also available. Of the minuses - the boss is Chinese.
I cooperated with the manager Miroslava during the registration of documents and the trip in general. She informed me perfectly, always helped me in various situations and gave useful advice. Thank you very much for your cooperation, you are a good specialist.)
2024-04-18 17:37:47
Enter your review I got my taxes back with the help of Mavista. Taxes will be returned within the specified period. I am especially grateful to the manager Olesya, who professionally, politely and responsibly approached my question!!! Manager Olesya is competent in all matters. I recommend contacting Olesya.
2024-04-03 10:27:29
Good day. I liked working in Germany. This was my first job in this country. Without knowing the language, it was hard at first mentally, but then everything was fine, because the team is very good. They constantly helped me. The attitude of the boss towards the employees is very good, friendly. They are like one family. Also, I was constantly asked if everything was fine with me. On the last day of work, the chef of the restaurant wrote down words of thanks to me for my work in Ukrainian through the program and connected it to the speaker, which could be heard throughout the restaurant. It was very acceptable and sensitive. They also became very close to me, almost like family. I sincerely thank the manager Daryna for the vacancy, for the help and support in everything. You were always in touch. I really enjoyed working with you. I think that we will also continue to cooperate in the future :)
2024-03-20 13:25:45
Thank you very much to the MAVISTA company for reliable services. I worked in Germany in 2022, and this company found me a job. The work was easy, and the earnings were good.
In 2023, I and the company submitted an application for a tax refund. The German tax office worked for a long time on the return, but the manager Olesya did not give up, and we returned them to me anyway. Thank you very much, Mrs. Olesya and the entire MAVISTA company for the experience and funds received ❤️
2024-02-27 10:34:00
Good afternoon, I recently returned from vacation 0299, I want to say that I liked it, my duties included planting and packing seedlings, during my free time I managed to go to Dresden and see wonderful, beautiful places.
The accommodation was near the place of work and I liked that I didn't have to go far.
For comfort, I can advise you to take the most comfortable shoes with you)
2024-02-20 10:36:01
Thank you very much to the company for the help in returning taxes from Germany, special thanks to the manager Olesya for her promptness
2024-02-07 18:26:38
You probably saved us btw. Business without employees is a quick failure. The town now sees that we have ample staff and can attend more people. Thank you
2024-01-23 15:39:09
Your services have been wonderful and the people you have sent us have all been really good additions to the teams they join. I'm not sure how many staff you have provided us since our collaboration began back in August 2022. You have provided us several great candidates for our housekeeping department, one for our front desk one (soon to be two) for our Spa and we have the spouse of one of your earliest recruits join us and he is working in our Maintenance department.
I will highly recommend you and the great people you have been able to provide us.

Thank you.
2024-01-23 15:35:38
I worked in a plant nursery, with a German, I found a good, adequate person, I was treated well. Handsome man.... The salary is good, I am satisfied, as was specified in the contract, and they are paid
Very satisfied with this employment firm Mavista)
They work harmoniously, accurately, and adhere to the obligations they undertake.
And yes, a special thank you to the manager Anna, a good worker, she goes out on time and helps with questions that arise. It was a pleasure to work with her...🙂
I advise you to try who is afraid.
2024-01-16 18:39:53
I was very happy to cooperate with the Mavista company.
I would like to especially thank the manager Anastasia, who was constantly in touch with me.
I went to vacancy 0135 "Fruit picking".
Duties included picking strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and currants. I liked the work in general.
Comfortable living conditions, a kitchen, and a bathroom were provided for the workers. Everything you need for a normal stay.
The employers are very good and kind people.
I worked near the city of Frankfurt, our town was quiet and peaceful.
2023-12-18 17:56:10
Good day) very satisfied with Mavista services. She decided to go abroad for the first time, and made a decision to trust the Mavista company, which she did not regret! I am grateful to the manager ANASTASIA, who always answered my 1000 questions quickly, was polite and found a job for me with an incredible team, in which I feel at home. Thanks again for your work❤️‍🩹I recommend!
2023-12-07 11:14:05
I want to thank the manager Tamara very much. She is very responsible. Gratitude knows no bounds. She always answered questions at any time of the day or night. Always tried to help. His persistence had a very positive result. Impressions of Tamara are only the best. Communicating with her is a joy) And most importantly, she never gives up and always completes everything! I am very pleased that Tamara helped me, I have a lot of confidence in her! Thank you! Tamara, the manager, reacted to the problem very appropriately and got into the situation. My mother worked through the Mavista company. When she went home, she was promised to pay 700€ later. When she got home, the whole thing dragged on for many months. She couldn't finish this money. Then we turned to Tamara and explained the whole situation. She checked everything in a matter of days and got to work. We had no hope that we could get the money back, but thanks to Tamara, we got it! Everything that dragged on for half a year, Tamara solved the problem in two Sundays. We thank her very much! It's really only thanks to her!
2023-11-09 22:15:01
I am very grateful to MAVISTA for their work.
I turned to them for help in opening a visa to Canada. This is our first cooperation and I hope it will not be the last.
A special big thank you to the managers who were always in touch if there were any questions🤍
2023-09-19 14:52:59
We used the service from "Mavista" "sending the passport to the visa center for affixing a visa under the CUAET program" manager Elizaveta helped and advised in everything. The impressions are only the best, they were quickly processed and provided answers to all questions.
Thank you, you are the best)
2023-08-22 11:03:28
Recently, I went to a vacancy (working in a hotel) under a student program. She mainly worked in the kitchen and cleaned the rooms. Very satisfied👍😊the worker is adequate, friendly. A big plus is the opportunity to travel (was in Hamburg)
Thank you to the Mavista company and Anastasia's manager for choosing the vacancy 💕 she was always in touch, answered all questions 👌 I recommend to everyone
2023-08-21 12:34:09
Hello. I am now in Lower Saxony, Germany, working in a greenhouse. This is my first experience working abroad. I went here thanks to cooperation with the Mavista company. I want to thank the manager Miroslava, who helped me find this vacancy. I thank her for her professionalism and tolerant attitude towards clients, she is always ready to help find answers to the questions I had. I work in a tomato greenhouse cutting leaves, several times I was at the tomato harvest, several times I was in the warehouse, weighing and packing tomatoes, sometimes I was sent to work on flowers in another greenhouse when there were large orders. On tomatoes, the working time lasts 8 hours, on flowers 8-10. There are two half-hour breaks. Conditions are good for work, although the work is physically demanding. Accommodation in a hotel with all amenities, 2 or 3 people live in a room. To receive a salary, it is necessary to open an account in a European bank, a currency account in any Ukrainian bank is not suitable.
2023-08-11 21:42:27
I applied to Mavista with the issue of opening a visa to Canada. I am satisfied with the result, I received my visa even faster than I expected. The managers were always in touch and gave clear instructions, so I didn't worry that something would go wrong. I am completely satisfied with the company's work.
2023-06-27 13:31:43
Good day, I want to leave a review about the work of Myroslava's manager. Very pleasant, always in touch and responds during the entire period that I am abroad. He is also often interested in work and life in Germany. Pleasantly surprised and grateful to her❤️
2023-06-19 17:00:48
Oksana Linnyk
I am working on vacancy 0570 "Kitchen assistant in a restaurant" near Breguet (Rügen island). Work schedule from 12:00 to 14:00, a break, then from 17:00 to 22:00. One day off: Monday. My duties include: in the first half of the day - cutting vegetables, preparing salads for the evening; from 5:00 p.m. the restaurant opens, I decorate and arrange the dishes for serving, fry fries and schnitzel hamburgers. After 21.00 we clean everything, wash and wipe the dishes, leave the kitchen clean)) The work is relatively easy, the restaurant is small, but there are always many people. I live across the street from work, this is a huge plus.
The employer is very nice, always positive, gave me a bicycle. 5 minutes to the sea, 3 minutes to the store. There are incredibly beautiful landscapes. I went to Germany for the first time and had fears about the vacancy, because I wanted to work more in a hotel. But the manager Elizaveta recommended this vacancy to me and I do not regret it at all, since I got to meet sincere and friendly Germans)))
2023-06-17 16:01:27
Used Mavista services for the second time and was not disappointed.
My manager was Miroslava, who was always in touch, advised and helped in various situations. Thanks to her!
I work in an Italian restaurant at the bar. She is satisfied with her work, as well as with housing, because the employer has provided everything she needs. The employer is very good, helps in any situation.
In general, I recommend using Mavista services.
2023-04-27 15:54:11
Such trips during the holidays, and even during the winter, can be wished to everyone without exception 😍 The Mavista company opened up Germany for me, which I later could not help falling in love with ♥️Architecture, pleasant people, melodious language (rudeness is an obvious stereotype), interesting places, Christmas fair and New Year's celebration in unparalleled Munich - all this was harmoniously combined with work at McDonald's 🍔 in the small town of Weilheim.
Probably, everyone dreams of seeing an insider of a famous fast food restaurant 🍟 and my girlfriend and I were lucky in this. "Going to work like a holiday" 💃🏻It was in this mood that every working day was spent. For this, I am very grateful to the friendly team and management, who did not overload us with work and rewarded us with a sufficient number of days off and even a vacation 😄However, this did not affect the salary in any way, because with such an easy schedule you can earn a decent amount💶
We lived luxuriously, in a huge cozy house (McHaus) 🏠 with colleagues from different countries, and now with friends, with whom we still keep in touch💌
Mavista made our trip safe and perfect. I would like to say a special big thank you to the manager Yulia, who supported us during the entire period, taking 10 calls a day. I can definitely say that this is our first, but not the last, collaboration ♥️♥️♥️
2023-01-27 16:34:20
A pretty cool course for those who want to go to jobs in hotels and restaurants! A lot of vocabulary is needed, a clear explanation of grammar + consolidation, in lessons with a teacher. Before, I was afraid of German, but in reality, everything is not as scary as it seems :)
2023-03-21 10:22:35
Passed the Pre-intermediate English course. I am very satisfied, because the teacher motivated me not to give up my studies, but to really study. The material was presented interestingly, we practiced a lot of English in the group, so I'm glad that we managed to improve our level so well. I will recommend your language school to everyone
2023-03-21 10:18:33
A pretty cool course for those who want to go to jobs in hotels and restaurants! A lot of vocabulary is needed, a clear explanation of grammar + consolidation, in lessons with a teacher. Before, I was afraid of German, but in reality, everything is not as scary as it seems :)
2023-02-15 15:13:23
Passed the Pre-intermediate English course. I am very satisfied, because the teacher motivated me not to give up my studies, but to really study. The material was presented interestingly, we practiced a lot of English in the group, so I'm glad that we managed to improve our level so well. I will recommend your language school to everyone.
2023-02-24 15:13:00
Hello, I want to thank you for the course, everything was short, clear and without water, the lessons are understandable even for someone like me))) I took a basic English course, I will wait for additional courses from your teachers.
2023-02-24 15:12:31
Good afternoon, I was working on a course for beginners in a group. I really liked. The material in the video lessons is clearly and interestingly presented. Worked through the lessons with the teacher and consolidated the material. She did not study German before the course. I'm reading now, I have a grasp of grammar. Many thanks to Lilia, she is preparing various interesting tasks.
2023-02-24 15:12:05
I want to thank you for your good work and care. That you help in solving any questions.
For your warm communication)) that all the time you ask about work))
The best managers❤️❤️ thank you for always answering all the questions that arise. There is an opportunity to travel❤️❤️ Managers of vacancy 0366
07/12/22 THE BEST❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
I would like to thank the manager Diana, when there was an appointment before departure, she always answered on time, wrote herself and showed concern that everything went well, helped with the documents, and also from the manager 0366 they solved the issues that arose❤️❤️
2023-01-27 16:33:51
I went through this company and under the supervision of Yulia's manager for the second time. This time the vacation is a plant nursery. I am satisfied with the quality of service, all my questions were answered, the documents were made in a short time. Management treats every employee with understanding, there are no problems with communication. My job is to collect orders while the conveyor belt with boxes is moving. There are no difficulties with the work itself, you have time to do everything, no one pushes you. The only downside is that you are on your feet all day, not sitting. I live in a house on the 1st floor in a room for 4 people. On the floor there is everything necessary for life: a shower, a washing machine, a sink, a kitchen with appliances, a toilet. I am grateful to the company for helping me get here in a short time.
2023-01-27 16:33:05
Thank you to the Mavista company for such a great job and the opportunity to travel. I would like to especially thank the manager Diana, who answered all my questions. The job is just great! Accommodation and food are completely free. The employers are great, and so is the attitude towards us. The work is not difficult at all. We live in a room where we work. Salary on time, but they said at any time they can transfer to another hotel with the same conditions. The uniform was provided by the employer.
The essence of the job is simply to monitor cleanliness, some girls work at the bar.
Thank you very much!
2023-01-27 16:32:36
Worked with a groupmate on the program 0048 Greenhouses and a production workshop. Work for hardy and emotionally stable people.
In general, I was satisfied with the trip, to be honest, I was expecting worse. (Although it was not the first time I was in Germany and I understand how much you can earn there).
The work is not easy, the schedule is difficult, you need to work a lot.
But if you get used to work and are emotionally hardened, everything will be great.
They calculated us according to the contract, we even received more for good work.
Of course, like every job, there are nuances, but you can adapt to everything.
Yes, there are better and easier work options, but I was satisfied with the trip and my expectations were fulfilled.
Advice to those who are going, if you are ready to work 12-15 hours a day, go and don't hesitate, they will pay according to the contract, they will not be deceived
My advice to those who are ready to work well, qualitatively and quickly, and not to whine or serve time at work - it is better to go for vacancies where they are paid for production.
Cooperation with Manager Myroslava was easy and pleasant, they guided and consulted from the beginning to the end of my trip, everything that was promised and told corresponded to reality.
Thank you.
2023-01-27 16:32:13
Myroslav's manager takes a very responsible approach to his work. It was only a pleasure to work with Myroslava. It was my first trip to Germany, I asked a lot of questions, but I always got an answer. I am happy that it was Miroslava who helped me with the collection of documents❤ An incredibly nice and positive person who can calm down in every situation and help with a solution💞 Myroslava's manager helped me find a job where I felt happy, because the team was the best 🥰 I'm incredible I am happy that I worked in such a place, and that I was treated so well there. Each of my colleagues has always been friendly and incredibly responsive. Incredible professionalism at the work of colleagues, always helped me. People know their business by a million percent and help with advice. The German language is not a problem either, working in a multicultural team always motivates to learn new things, learn about other cultures and help with language learning.
2023-01-27 16:31:39
I went through the MAVISTA company 4 times, and the manager Diana helps me all the time❤️I am especially grateful to her for her timely consultations. For the fastest and most accurate answers to my questions and for simple human understanding))) MAVISTA is probably not one of many, but maybe even there is only one company that can provide you with a job that you like and not one job that you will go to because there will be no choice) I am currently on the job "0174 - Poultry Farm". The job is excellent) The management is also very good complicated and taking into account the fact that I do not know German and I work only with Germans and they do not know English, there are no problems explaining anything to each other. I work here for 60 days without a day off, so you can take a day off when you need it, but there is no one here who does not need it, because with the work we do, we do not get up) The living conditions are quite good. a good condition. Shower, bathroom, washing machine, Wi-Fi (which is also available everywhere at work), refrigerators, a normal kitchen and a bedroom, that’s all)) The apartment is warm) Well, once again I want to say thank you to MAVISTA and Diana for providing such an opportunity to work with pleasure and benefit☺️❤️
2023-01-24 08:47:04
Good day!
I used the services of Mavista and the vacancy 0299 "Plant Nursery", I am satisfied, the manager Diana was always in touch and is competent!
The work is not difficult, perfect for a girl! The attitude of the employer is also excellent, he makes contact and solves, if possible, all our problems.
Schedule in the off-season: 7:00-16:00 (two 30-minute breaks) from Monday to Friday.
Recommendations when traveling to this vacancy:
It is advisable to take warm clothes if you are going in the cold season and comfortable shoes (sneakers, for example, would be better if they had a rough sole)
A card with funds to be able to buy a ticket online if you travel with transfers
SIM card with roaming (at least minimal)
Approximately 300€ euros with you at the beginning
If you have a driver's license, take it with you
2022-12-14 10:43:56
Good day, I want to thank the Mavista company for what you are, I recently returned from the vacancy 0230 Work in a nursery, and I am completely satisfied with this trip ❤️Very good attitude of the employer to the employees, great atmosphere at work, very good people) The work is sometimes difficult but with I passed unnoticed in good company, the accommodation is also not bad, two people lived in the room, there is a good kitchen, a shower, and all amenities. To be honest, I didn't want to go home at all 😿 I hope to get to this place next time. As for the first time abroad, I was satisfied with everything, even more than I expected. I will recommend your company to everyone. You are SUPER ❤️
Special thanks to the manager Miroslava for her support and care, if it weren't for her I don't know how I would have gotten into such a good job. And I am more than satisfied with the salary. THANK YOU
2023-01-23 15:30:49
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