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Vacancy 1012 - Construction work

More details about the vacancy
140 crowns/hour
30,000 kroner/month
The essence of the work:
- lay plaster, dry screed and masonry;
- other construction assistance.
Work schedule:
45 - 55 hours/week;
for 11 hours/day.
a furnished room is provided. Cost of living: 4,500 kroner/month (deducted from salary). Available amenities: hot water, heating and internet. Bedroom: bed with mattress, blanket, pillows, bed linen, desk, wardrobe. Kitchen: kettle, stove, refrigerator. Bathroom: shower cabin.
at his own expense.
Additional Information:
the salary is paid in cash at the beginning of the following month. Upon arrival, an advance payment is issued for each subsequent week. You need to have work clothes and comfortable shoes with you. Travel and insurance policy are paid separately.
near Pilsen, Czech Republic
Getting Started:
from already
Features of the vacancy:
Knowledge of language:
not required
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