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About us

Our team
From a small office where two managers advised clients, Mavista has grown into a large company with more than 55 employees! Our main mission is to give people the opportunity to make good money, see the world and get only good impressions and memories from the trip.
The numbers vividly describe the results of our many years of work,
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A bit of history
My name is Oksana Milley
The founder of the company and the main motivator
When I studied at the university, I went to Germany twice during the summer holidays to work under the ZAV program. I really liked Europe, but the experience of working with the company that sent me there left much to be desired. At that time, there were no companies that provided high-quality work services abroad. Therefore, when I returned home, I decided to start my own business in this field, where I would be able to embody all the experience of my trips and provide excellent service and support to Ukrainians abroad.
What sets us apart
from competitors?
The company is built on the personal experience of the owner
The owner of the company, Oksana Millei, has gone through the entire path that our client overcomes independently and knows from her own experience what is needed for him to remain satisfied with the cooperation.
An individual approach to everyone
We strive for the customer who comes to us to be completely satisfied with % and to recommend us to his friends and acquaintances. Therefore, we work with everyone individually, take into account all wishes regarding conditions, wages, and try to make the cooperation process as clear and comfortable as possible for everyone who chooses our company.
Availability of licenses
Each client has a contract with us and the employer, and our professionalism is confirmed by the presence of a license that allows us to provide such services.
Choosing us, you will withdraw the funds invested in the program in about 10 days. Everything else is your earned money.